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Hollow form fork

Question asked by S. Nystrom on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2015 by S. Nystrom

I have a high school student who would like to make a 6' fork out of .06" sheet metal for our high school cafe. He's done a masterful job of planning and designing it ... and I'm not having much luck getting SW's to make and flatten sheet metal parts.


What's been done:

  • make a side profile (avoiding splines), extrude it as a surface, cut that extrusion with a top profile of the fork, and thicken. The end result is in orange below.
  • make pairs of 3D sketches and make a Lofted-Bend between them.
  • or, use Convert to Sheet Metal
  • the result is the grey model ... though each and every surface is its own sheet metal piece


Fork Surface.PNG

Fork Thicken.PNG

Fork Sheet Metal.PNG


The end goal will be to send the pieces to a CNC plasma cutter and Tig weld them together.


So, my wish is to not have dozens of pieces to weld together, but rather have a single top surface, bottom surface, and then as few sides pieces as is practical. However, every time I make a 3D sketch of more than a single edge it fails to make the Lofted-Bend.