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Using the Data Card to record Engineering Change

Question asked by Mark Coleman on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Matthew Phaneuf

Morning folks.

I wonder if I could pick your collective brains please?


I’m looking at ways of improving how we record our change history against SW and AutoCAD drawings.

I’m considering adding another tab to the data card.

This extra tab, entitled ‘Change History’ will have 5 or so fields and they will mainly be free text value fields.

They’ll include ‘change requested by?’, ‘is a design review required?’ ‘changes’ etc etc.


Each field will be a variable within EPDM.


At the point the new revised drawing is approved, I’d like to set an action to export these ‘Change History’ variables

into a file that will sit alongside the SW or AutoCAD drawing.

It doesn’t matter what format this file takes, as long as it can be opened by windows or printed as necessary

so we can send it to a supplier along with the new issue of drawing.

It could be a Word or Excel document or an html file….


My question is how can I get the variables from the data card pushed into a pre-formatted blank ‘change document’ file?

Is there an export function that we could trigger to transpose the fields from the data card into

a pre-formatted change document?


Just to challenge you a little more, I only want this export to be triggered on revisions greater than 01.

By this, I mean I don't want a blank change history file created on a brand new rev 01 drawing.


Looking forward to some enlightenment

Thanks in advance!!