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    Hole table A1,2,3.. ordering & origin issue v2014

    Peter Thannhauser

      When I entered the Hole table setup wizard, I selected the sequence of holes starting with [1] at the 6-oclock vertical down position. I would prefer that to be my first hole in the table. But when the hole  table developed upon insertion, it decided to start its first hole A1 at the next hole clockwise from my selection. Is there a hidden rule or guideline I should be aware of? Is there a way to subsequently modify the selection to what I want?


      [2] I then subsequently moved the top view closer to hole table. But now the XY symbol is off to the right & dis-associated to selected datum center (as opposed to staying stuck to the true origin point = middle of the circle). Yet the values are still correct. Is the little XY legend just showing direction?

      2-8-2015 0000.jpg.