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How do I go from Solidworks 2012 to Mastercam X2?

Question asked by Brenna McKinnon on Feb 6, 2015

I have Solidworks 2012 and I'm trying to create a mold of a part. On our router, We only use 2" material so anything larger than that has to be split up and then it can be toolpathed. What I'm curious about is how do I take a section of a part drawn in Solidworks that will become a mold and split it up/lay it out  on a plane so that it can be toolpathed in Mastercam X2? As of right now, I only know how to draw the parts and mold.


What I've tried to do is draw a part, and put a base plate where i want it. and then split the part where the base plate is. I can successfully split the part, however I'm not sure how to copy what has been split and then move that to a separate plane and lay it out in 2" sections so that it can be toolpathed in Mastercam.


ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.