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    Shell Mesh using mid-surfaces prob

    Ranga Narasimhan

      The "Shell Mesh using mid-surfaces" option in study is doing really great job for me . But unfortunately, its not working on multibody parts .. any way around to solve this..

        • Shell Mesh using mid-surfaces prob
          Vince Adams
          I'm happy to hear that the mid-surfaces option is working for you in COSMOSWorks... that isn't always the case. However, my recommendation is... and for the foreseeable future, will be... to build your mid-surface model in SolidWorks directly or use the mid-surfacing tools in SW and suppress or delete the solid bodies before taking your model into CW. This will give you much more control over the geometry and more flexibility. It also ensure you are working with the right edges and faces for loads and restraints.

          There are two COSMOS Companion sessions that address this: SolidWorks for COSMOSWorks Part 2 and Sheet Metal Assemblies. You can download these videos or PDFs at www.solidworks.com/Companion