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    Presentation about 3D design for teenagers as part of Solidworks teenager training

    Michal Lamentowicz

      I was asked to present 3D design software to teenagers at age of 13-20.

      That will be an intro to 8 weeks Solidworks course organized by local "knowledge center". I will also be present at further classes.

      They teachers asked me how to encourage pupils, so they get more interested in 3d design and Solidworks. Only 6 from 30 finished the last course. The rest found it not interesting. I simply think that children are spoiled these days but maybe the problem is on educator's side.The Center hasaccess to 3d fdm printer and small hsm mill center. Last time children could get their models done and they had a contest whose car will be faster at the hill.

      I am looking for some ideas, presentations I could use for this purpose. I have looked at Solidworks education video but there is too much focus on solidworks details. This video will be good for next lesson or as a homework to watch it. We would like to tell why people shall love 3d design software and why is it so good to be able to use it. I have an idea to tell them to use blueprints in order to design a sportscar or some consumer goods, kind of reversed engineering.

      I need to prepare something over the weekend. I will appreciate if you could come up with some ideas, presentations etc.



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          Chris Michalski

          I would take a look through the pictures of Solidworks Projects topic on this forum.  There are a wide variety of things that people end up using SW to design.  Try to make it personally applicable to each participant.

          The 3D printer should help alot as it will let you move things from being just lines on the screen to something in hand.  I would get that involved early.  Early on draw something similar (sphere trapped in a wireframe cube or a planetary gear set or a smiley face drink coaster) and have it printed before the next class to keep them engaged.  Even if the gears don't mesh right you can use it as a learning experience about the usefulness of being able to revise the designs. 

          Car parts (engine or interior), cell phone accessories, jewelery, figurines, video game controller covers, the possibilities are endless.  The more ideas you toss out so that each participant sees how they could turn one of their own wishes into reality the better your chances of them having enough interest to follow through.

          Most young people today want the immediate gratification so even if you have to take one of their ideas and get a 3D Content Central or GrabCad model to show them what can be done.  Or have the major model sharing sites open and ask for some suggestions of things that people think AREN'T relate-able to Solidworks and show them that you can find examples of them that someone has created.