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    Can I rename objects in EPDM if a parent is checked out?

    Abby Dawkins

      We've had EPDM for awhile but never did much renaming until lately.  After many of our assemblies started losing references, I've done some testing and it appears that if a parent assembly is checked out then the references for the checked out assembly don't get updated properly when a component is renamed.  Can anyone confirm if this is correct?


      I'm having a hard time believing so many people could be using this product if this is correct -hopefully there's some setting we need to change.  We have ~20 people working on various parts of a large assembly so this is going to make renaming a major pain


      We're on EPDM 2013.  Maybe this is different in 2014 or 2015?

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          Faur Arama

          I made a test in EPDM 2014 and it works well even parent assembly is checkout and when I opened the parent assembly there are no messages ref. renamed component.

          I don't made a test when there are different users on different computers.

          As I expected there are problems when parent assembly is open in SW.

          How do you rename the child assembly - right click rename?

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              Abby Dawkins

              Faur -

              Thanks for testing.  What I did to simulate our working environment was:

              1) Open top level assembly and check out on machine one.

              2) On machine two go into vault view in Windows explorer and rename component

              3) Go back to machine one, save the file in Solidworks and try to check in.  Assembly is saved with component with original name and check in gives error that component with original file name is outside of the vault.  This means the user then has to replace the component with the new name from the vault


              I since went back and tried the same thing but without the assembly file open in Solidworks on machine 1 when I do the rename and I get the same results.  As long as the top level assembly is checked out, the references are not updated when the component is renamed.


              This is a major issue for us because we started with all descriptive file names so no we need to go back and a large number our files with the correct part numbers.  I guess we'll have to have everyone check everything in and find other things to do while we rename them all.  Disappointing - not really what I expected from an Enterprise level system...



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              Adrian Velazquez

              Abby, Always rename when both component and Parent are CheckIn... not sure if that is written anywhere but I find that this prevents any issues with lost references.

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                Arto Kvick

                I see potential errors if you have multiple persons working an a same large assembly for example. Person A is having the main assembly checked out and mayby couple of sub components. Person B takes one sub assembly and renames the sub assembly + components, checks them in... Now Person A checks the main assembly in (without updating it, without knowing persons B actions)... So the main assembly references are to local cached old named components...


                I have not tested this, but I would gather this would generate some confusion on both ends (software/user)


                So I would assume, that one person making the components re-naming is OK, but with multiple persons you need to be careful with local caches etc.


                Please do share your findings.

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                  Michael Dekoning

                  The parent file must be checked in so that EPDM can update the path to the reference file with the new name. Doing this while the file is checked out could result in lost work done to the file since it was checked out. If you want an in depth understanding on how EPDM handles this and other file reference related topics view the SolidWorks World 2014 session "How SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Manages CAD References" by Tor Iveroth.