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    angular study

    Cristian Zuniga



      I'm trying to calculate the stress it would be put on an oval bellow that has an angular movement of 14 degrees (short and long side). I'm having problems meshing the part and as well as specifying the movement range i want my part to be move. The idea is calculating how much stress it would be put on the part after 1 million cycles.


      Any suggestions as what i might be doing wrong, or if you guys could have any ideas or how i could achieve this. I thank you guys in advance for your time.



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          Jared Conway

          you can use a prescribed displacement to move something

          you can use cartesian components to move it to achieve the angle you want

          or you can use cylindrical components if you select an axis for your prescribed displacement


          meshing with solids and solving with solids will be challenging, look at shells