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eDrawings freezes/ locks up, "is not responding"

Question asked by Tom Kullinger on Feb 5, 2015

Since November, eDrawings freezes/ locks up after I try to open it 30-80% of the time.  When I try to close it, "... is not responding" appears in the title bar.  It happens if I open a file in Win. Explorer w/ eDrawings or open eDrawings w/o a file.  I have 2014 sp4 ver. 14.4.105, installed 9-24-14 on Compaq Presario w/ AMD Athlon II (1 core) 2 GHz CPU & Win. 7 Home Prem., 64-bit.  I have used eDrawings for 2 years.  I thought it might be low memory, but Task Manager says only about 1 of 2 MB is used.  CPU is maxed out when eDrawings locks up.  Makes no difference if other S/W is running at the same time.  No new eDrawings updates are available per Help menu: Check for Updates.  Maybe is has become partially corrupted.  Any suggestions before I uninstall it & reinstall?