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Weldment Cut List not updating

Question asked by Steven Bratt on Feb 5, 2015


I've created a multi-body part (a cabinet as an example) using the Weldment feature. I've updated the Cut List and a Cut List folder exists for each "part". Each "part" in the multi-body has four properties (Material, Part Number, Description, Quantity). Part Number and Description were entered manually. The Weldment part was placed into a drawing as an exploded view with a custom Weldment Cut-List table and auto-balloons to indicate each sub-part. All balloons appear correctly with all Cut List properties. Saved drawing without problems.


Under options/Doc Properties/Weldments "Automatically create cut lists" is selected. In the Part file, the Cut List "Create Cut Lists Automatically" and "Update Automatically" are both checked.



When I re-open the drawing, the Cut List table is blank. All balloons are missing, but balloon arrows are still present. The view is the same, but it appears as though the part is not updating when I open the drawing. How do I get the balloons to stay in the drawing, and have the Cut List table stay updated whenever I open the drawing?



If I re-open the Part file and hit force rebuild, the Cut List updates and all weldment folders return (they are not present when I open the Part, I have to hit rebuild for them to reappear). When I do this, the drawing updates and shows all balloons and Cut List table as it should. But I should not have to do this every time I open my drawing!


Any advice/solution?