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    Transition "AND" condition

    Todd Becker

      EPDM 2014 SP4


      I am struggling with conditions in my workflow.  Is the image below showing a "AND" condition where both need to be true in order for the file to move to the next state?


      I keep reading in the admin guide on page 461 but can't get this to work.


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          Matthew Phaneuf

          Hey Todd;

          from the "Administering SW Enterprise PDM" training guide (the one you get from class) page 177:

          Conditions Tab - Create conditions to define which files can pass through the transition

               Variable - lists the conditions that prohibit the state change

                    Or - Create an OR container. By default all conditions must be true (AND). Use OR containers to group where the only condition must be true .


          I would read this as yes.


          I hope this helps.


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            Greg Rupp

            Yes, this is an "AND" Statement. Remove the quotation marks from "Production"  = Production

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              Loui Leclerc

              Yes, this is an "AND". As Greg said you should remove the quotation.


              Also, If this is not done, I would recommend you use lists, or set your variables through a previous action (transition). this way you will prevent typos causing issues.


              If you are still having issues, I think looking at your c-prodcontrolrelease would be next. Maybe it does not get set properly prior to this step.

              Remember, your conditions must be met prior to doing an action, therefore if your c-prodcontrolrelease is being set in this transition it will never be found. You must set it in a prior transition.


              Good luck