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SW Plastics: Gate freeze issue

Question asked by Radoslaw Szmid on Feb 5, 2015
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I know it sounds weird but I've been analyzing a couple of different parts to only find out that my gate doesn't seems to freeze off during Packing analysis no matter how long I set the packing time...Cavity pressure at the end of packing gives non zero values and the part temperature at end of packing (gate cross section) is always way above the glass transition temperature for a specified material.

After running a case study from the official training manuals (SW 2014 Lesson08 - Gate freeze) I got the same issue.

As the cross sections is quite small the gate should be frozen within first seconds (1.6 s is the effective packing time) but it is still at molten condition after 7,5 seconds...

Please check the jpg attached.


SW Premium 2015 x64 SP 1.1

I'm 90% sure there was no such problem in SW 2014.


What I'm doing wrong guys?


Thank you



Edited by R.Szmid: Look what's happening after extending the packing time to 20 sec. The material is still flowing through the gate...

Packing time 20sec.png