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    Creating Dwgs in Solidworks and opening in ESPRIT (For CNC)

    Stephen King


      First of all, when I open a SolidWorks drawing and save as a Dwg, I have mapping turned on, so I get the colors entities like I want them to show up on the dwg.

      I can open the dwg, in eDrawing, DraftSite, TruView, CadKey and Solidworks and the dwg is just like I want it. (with black background) no problem.

      The problem is, when I send the dwg to the CNC department and they try to open it up with Esprit.. the Hole table is missing and some text is missing.

      The CNC programmer have their computer screen with a black background and they don't want to change that, what's happing is the Hole table and some text is coming

      in black in Esprit and that why it can't be seen. I tried changing the color to the Hole table, but had no luck, still can't see it in Esprit.

      "But get this... if I open the dwg in SolidWorks and resave it as a dwg, it will open in Esprit correctly.

      But I can't do this manually, I it just to many to do all the time.

      Tomorrow, I will go into more detail and show some pictures.

      Thank you