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Adding features to a curved dome

Question asked by David Kelly on Feb 5, 2015
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Hi Guys,


Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm very new to Solidworks (as in, a few hours).


I am trying to create a model of a kettle BBQ so I can make a cover for it. The kettle is basically just a steel shell with a handle and a cut-out flute with a cover, so only 3-4 parts total.


I have created the shell as shown below, by creating a profile from a picture and revolving that. I then mucked around for some time to get the flute holes in place and extrude them into the shell.


Now, I don't know how to make the cover for the flute (without spending days trying everything). I don't know if I need to start a new part first, and somehow export the required curves or what. The handle I think will be a bit easier because it sits dead centre, but will have some similar problems I guess.


Please just give me a hint of what direction is best to go in here. This piece already took me all day and my eyes are hurting! (if anyone wants bonus points, I have no idea at this stage of how to go about making a silicon cover for it).


Thanks in advance...