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how to simulate swaying case

Question asked by Mark Fizz on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Jared Conway

Hi all, I'm still new in solidworks simulation field industry and I hope someone can help me with the case I am having right now. I getting a task to design brackets to hold the circular tube from swaying as the vehicle moving. The circular tube and its load attached are shown in figure below. (stand and load in figure is just example for my case)





this edited figure credits to google images (linked to .


The base stand will be fastened to hard point on the vehicle. Hence bottom is fixed and not moving . Now the problem of swaying during mobile is proposed to be overcome by the installation of bracket around the circular tube. However low height of brackets may not solve the problem, the brackets need to be high enough to prevent to sway.


Hence my question are;

it is frequency simulation? if not what type of simulation should I use to solve this problem?

Also how to set up the simulation for this case as I only know the speed of the vehicles moving in a quite a small bumpy ride( stating the bumpy ride may leads to the complex set up, hence If any of you guys know set up for a simple(smooth ride) one is enough for me, do share simple set up if available, from there I will figure out my own.)


any attachment/links/tips for me to read are welcome to be pasted.