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    How to update file properties from data card?

    Brian Dalton

      We are creating SW files using a template and this method automatically creates all the custom properties we need, with default values where necessary.


      However, I'm faced with a number of files that have been created outside of the vault and need to be brought in manually.  I'd like to have a way to take these files from outside and update their properties based on values that are in the data card.


      So, if I create a new file with the template, the database contains variables and values for that file.  If I then place the external file into the vault by way of Save As (to the template created file), the values from the database variables are not copied into the file properties because the properties do not exist in the file that was brought in from outside.  I can go in and type in every single property name and type in the File/Properties dialog (both custom and default tabs) for every single file, but I'm really hoping that there's a built-in way to have EPDM create the properties needed based on the data card, thus saving me countless hours of mind-numbing grunt work.


      Any ideas?


      EPDM 2014 sp5

      SW 2014 sp5

      Win 7