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    Cut & Paste View crashes SW

    Keith Michaud

      Recently ran into an issue with moving a detail view to a second sheet. Step by step, here's what I'm doing:

      Create a drawing

      Place a typical view on the sheet

      Create a detail view

      Create sheet #2

      Cut detail view from sheet 1 (CRTL+X)

      Paste Detail view onto sheet 2 (CTRL+V)

      Save the document (CTRL+S)


      I have tried my local reseller for support. So far I've reset my machine, done a repair on SW, and updated to the latest version 2015 SP1.1. I've tried moving these files off our server and onto the local hard drive. Same result. Support was able to replicate the crash on their own machine with unrelated files.


      This issue started on 2014 SP4.0 and continues on 2015 SP1.1 and so far I haven't been able to solve it and my local support has had little insight. It's a major issue for me that I can't put multiple views on multiple sheets without SW crashing.


      Anybody having a similar experience or have any ideas?