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    Dimensions Snap to line centrepoint

    Oli Sparrow

      Hi all,


        I have, for example, two flat plates.  Is there a way (snap options, holding shift etc..) that I can snap a dimension to the centre of live of the plate.  So far I have been manually drawing a centreline or point, or using the underlying part sketch.




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          Glenn Schroeder

          With the Smart Dimension tool active, right-click on the model edge and choose "Select Midpoint" from the drop-down.  That will place the dimension from the centerpoint of the edge.


          Be aware that it's a good idea to choose the other edge, point, etc. that you'll be dimensioning to first since there is a long-standing bug in the software.  If you select the midpoint of an edge to dimension to first, then when you go to the second entity you want to dimension to it won't highlight (turn orange) to show you what you're about to click on.  If you're dimensioning between two midpoints then of course there isn't any way around it.