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    cosmos 2008

      dear friends,
      i have seen the what 's new in cosmos 2008.
      3 different studies are included.
      1.presure vessel study,
      2.linear dynamic study, and
      3.nonlinear dynamic study.
      so these studies very helpful in dyanamic analysis.

        • cosmos 2008
          Andrew Hallas
          You shouldn't be discussing the SolidWorks 2008 beta in this public forum. Use the forum on the beta site.
          • cosmos 2008
            Peter Gillespie

            Thank you for sharing. We were wondering if it would be worth our time to try out the beta, but we're not concerned with dynamic at this point. Thanks!
            • cosmos 2008
              Andrew Hallas
              Any new features in a beta version are covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and therefore should not be discussed or mentioned. If users want to know what is coming they simply have to sign up for the beta program. Also in previous beta's some new features have been pulled from the release by SolidWorks Corp and any user reading this forum might get annoyed if they were expecting to see the new feature when the product ships.