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    FEA Problems

    Ryan Delacourt

      I hope someone here can help me, I am trying to carry out an FEA on a chassis I have created, It features 3 or 4 different weldment profiles. However as i try to simulate the model it comes up with an error message saying "Model is unstable, Check that you have applied adequate fixtures to stabilize the model."

      I have applied a "fixed constraint" at the rear or the model (four corners) and applied a force at the front.

      Could someone please give some guidance to what i need to do. I can upload more pictures should it be required.


      * Revised - I have a feeling the error is in the constraint (the fixture) i have selected "joint" fixtures, if i try to select a face it comes up saying "Load/Restraint cannot be applied to the beam face, edge or vertex


      Many Thanks



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          Jared Conway



          beams are basically just loadable at the joints, there are some loads that can be applied to beams but once idealized as beams, they no longer have those faces really.


          most likely you have a joint that isn't working and parts aren't connected to each other, use a frequency analysis to find and fix