Edward Eaton

SolidWorks World presentation - basics of Loft

Discussion created by Edward Eaton on May 11, 2007
"Curvy Stuff 6 - the basics of Loft" from SWx World 2007is now available for download on www.dimontegroup.com.

Just click the "SolidWorks Tutorials" tab under the"About Us" heading
(the middle left of the page)

As always, we request that you restrict your downloads duringthe
business week to before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM central time, US. On
weekends, consider downloading to be fair game.

We at DiMonte Group are happy to share our tutorials, but firstwe are
a business and need our bandwidth during our business hours toservice
our customers.  We provide these files as a courtesy to thelarger
SolidWorks community - please reciprocate that courtesy bydownloading
when it won't impact our business. Thanks!

Ed Eaton