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EPDM and Toolbox Workflow Check-in

Question asked by Adam Johnson on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Martin Solem

I'm very new to Enterprise. I'm working with 2014, and have added the standard SW toolbox to the epdm.

I've added %Toolbox\% to the conditions of my existing 'cad' work flow, do I need to add all the folders below the root (lang, browser, etc) to the conditions of the workflow? I had hoped to just add the Toolbox folder itself.

I ask because i'm unable to check all the files in. I've got the conditions set for all the extensions to be allowed. I can grab a couple files and check in but when i try to do a bulk checkin of all files below the 'Toolbox' i get an error 'document doesn't meet conditions of any workflow'.

Also I was curious if creating a new workflow for the Toolbox itself would be a better option.