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    EPDM and Toolbox Workflow Check-in

    Adam Johnson

      I'm very new to Enterprise. I'm working with 2014, and have added the standard SW toolbox to the epdm.

      I've added %Toolbox\% to the conditions of my existing 'cad' work flow, do I need to add all the folders below the root (lang, browser, etc) to the conditions of the workflow? I had hoped to just add the Toolbox folder itself.

      I ask because i'm unable to check all the files in. I've got the conditions set for all the extensions to be allowed. I can grab a couple files and check in but when i try to do a bulk checkin of all files below the 'Toolbox' i get an error 'document doesn't meet conditions of any workflow'.

      Also I was curious if creating a new workflow for the Toolbox itself would be a better option.

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          Martin Solem

          Hi Adam,

          I am assuming that when you put the toolbox files into EPDM, you placed it in a folder called Toolbox.

          Then a condition like Filepath = %\Toolbox\% should send every file with that folder name in it's path to that workflow.


          You can also exclude or include file extensions with an OR container. A simple example:



          This will ensure that any file with extension .SLDPRT OR .MDB AND placed in the Toolbox folder or any subfolder, will end up in this workflow.