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Spot Weld Error (Sheet Metal Analysis)

Question asked by Kanisius Raychitra on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by Shawn Murphy

Hi. I am studying Car Body Structure that consists of multiple sheet  metal parts. All of the parts are in sheet metal form and they are connected by spot welds.

It can mesh properly. However, when I run the analysis, it has error like this:


" Cannot build Spot Weld. Check for gaps"


I recognize that in Sheet Metal form, it will mesh at mid surface,. This will leave gap about 1/2 thickness of the sheet metal when it meshed.  On the other hand, the spot weld location is specified at the intersecting surface not at mid surface.


COSMOS Companion told that I need to specifiy the surface location, but I think in Sheet Metal everything is fixed at Mid Surface. I tried changing it but it has no effect.


Anyone can help me to get rid of this error? Thanks!