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Global Variables

Question asked by Curtis Paxton on May 11, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by AHMED ELALFY
Hello -

I'm in the process of designing an assembly - each part must matchthe other parts boundary conditions (in this case an inner andouter diameter for example) with individual features on partsdependant on the global variables.

I would like to create a table of global constants which isreferenced when I open a part. A design table would suffice forthis purpose, with the exception that if I change a constant forone part, I would need to update the table for my other parts.Possible, but hardly elegant.

I would prefer to do this outside of the SW equation editor -preferably in excel - and would also like to link this tableto a part without first referencing an assembly. (While we're onthe topic, I'd like a raise... <kidding, Bill>

Is this idea totally outside the scope of SW? Thanks in advance forany help - it's appreciated.