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    Will Solidworks 2016 have any tangible enhancements?

    M. B.

      I have SW2015 and renewal for the service agreement is due in a couple of weeks.  For the last few years, enhancements have been lackluster and of no great benefit to me.  I’ve had several issues that my VAR couldn’t help with.  Year after year new bugs with every new release continue to cost me a lot of wasted time.  If I wait to upgrade for the more serious bugs to be fixed in SP2 or SP3, then 4-6 months out of a 12 month software lifespan is unusable.  It’s becoming difficult to see the wisdom of paying a service subscription fee every year.


      Does anyone have any insight into what enhancements will be coming with SW2016?

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          Jeff Mirisola

          Ask this question on February 8th, after we've seen what's coming in 2016 at SolidWorks World.

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            Carlos Moreno

            Not sure what new bugs you are seeing year after year. I think solidworks has done a pretty good job of being pretty bug free, esp. for what is a very complex piece of software. Having said that, you do guarantee yourself a more bug free product if you wait to upgrade for service packs by definition. instead of jumping on the immediate upgrade wagon, maybe you're better served waiting a few months, each year. Think of SP2 like the official release. you still get a year's worth of use out of it, just a bit delayed.

            Alternatively, Solidworks allows you to have two installs on your machine. You can install the new release to try to take advantage of the new features in new designs, but if you're not planning on using them with existing working parts, don't rush to upgrade them until you're confident in the new release.

            Finally, I don't think SW has ever had a year where a new feature was a must have, unless you have a very specific use case. Rather than swing for the fences they put in a lot of little things. And over the years, things that seemed little when they were introduced, become essential things you wouldn't give up. I think there's a delay between when sw introduces a very useful feature, and when I fully take advantage of it, just because it takes me some time to adapt and change the way I do things. Maybe that's a poor reflection on me, but there it is.

            I understand the frustration with the VAR's not being able to help, my advice on that is that these forums are way better support if you can gin up a response, and I think you need a subscription for that although youtube is pretty good too, and that is free.

            In my experience the person who solves my problems most is me, but I've gotten some help from time to time.

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              Richard Cook

              I think you need a better VAR,

              We rarely have a problem that isn't solved.


              Also, flatten surface in 2015 was kind of a big deal, no?

              Chain component pattern tool? (used  this today, actually)


              What about the sheet metal improvements which have come on leaps and bounds in the past 3 years?


              Much of it is polishing, it's complex software that has been around quite a while and so much of the main things exist,it is just tweaking little bits.

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                  Bob Van Dick

                  I agree, you need a better VAR.  I have had nothing but success with mine (MCAD Technologies) answering my questions.  There are a couple of annoyances I have with SolidWorks that they don't feel is important enough to fix.  However, what keeps us locked into a subscription fee is the fact that we have several customers that use SolidWorks that do keep up with the latest versions, and for that reason, we keep up to date,  If there is a problem with a SolidWorks model, it is much easier to fix than dealing with a step file.  It is also nice to be able to use their drawing files.  Rarely do drawings come to us that are complete enough to fabricate a sheetmetal part.  It is more convenient to be able to just add a few dimensions in SolidWorks rather than manually marking up a pdf file.. 

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                  Kelvin Lamport

                  What bugs are you experiencing?


                  What "tangible enhancements" would you like to see?

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                    Andrea Campana

                    Solidworks need stability......in a network system with DBworks..it's a pain to work......

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                      M. B.

                      Thanks for the comments. To be fair, my VAR has tried very hard to assist but some problems aren’t theirs to solve.  I’ve learned to live with those problems and have moved on.


                      All I’m asking now is if it’s possible to find out by the end of Feb. 2015 about anything new and exciting that is going to be introduced with SW2016?  I will review information about Solidworks World when it becomes available but in the meantime anything else would be helpful. Thanks.