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    Controlling Mesh Cells Size Manually

    Abdallah Osama Elabd

      I posted a discussion before a week ago and found no useful answer
      My problem is i am simulating a fluid in a very small channels and Initial automatic mesh cells is too big for this small Chanel even when i use 8

      i removed the mark from automatic settings and and make the number of cells per plan 1000 which is max now the results close to the exact solution i have from Navir Stocks equation with the same assumption but there still an error.
      My question is
      Is there any way to reduce the size of mesh cells further by controlling the cells size ? i see i can control only number of cells am i wrong ? is there any way ?

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          Jared Conway

          i'd recommend going through the technical documentation and the training example on mesh controls


          there is no way to directly control the cell size, just the basic size and the number of times it is refined


          what I don't understand is that you say the solution matches the navier stokes solution but there is still an error, do you mean relative to physical? if so, changing the cell size probably won't help because flow is solving the same equation

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            Amit Katz

            Start with the basic mesh, and turn off the automatic settings. This will let you control exactly how many cells there are in a given orthogonal direction of your domain. Since you control the size of your domain, this is essentially giving you control over the basic cell size. There's even a handy preview of your basic mesh from this control window.