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Loft problem

Question asked by J. R. on Feb 1, 2015
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I need to use Surface Loft on 4 sections with 2 Guide Curves and 1 Centerline. It seems that I can either use Guide Curves OR Centerline - if I try both, Loft fails.


I'm attaching the file. Look at the latest sketches. Loft1 to Loft4 are Sections, Centerline is Centerline, Guide1 and Guide2 are Guide Curves. Try using Surface Loft in that regard, and you'll see what I mean.


The idea of this loft is to loft these 4 sections along the "Vertical profile" sketch (located under Surface-Trim4), so that the maximum "depth" of this loft would be located at Loft3 section. This is why I want to use the Centerline.


I would very much appreciate if someone could take a look and tell me how can I accomplish this!