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Adding New Part: Default templates are not valid?!

Question asked by Eystein Orsnes on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by Eystein Orsnes

Hello, I had a noob problem that was driving me nuts, however I have since found a solution (I think)... But I would like to verify whether it was a sound solution or not...


Basically what I have done is to copy the part, assembly and draw templates that I found in a 'Tutorial' folder over to an empty 'Template' folder. The empty 'Template' folder was listed as the location for 'document templates' in 'options', and the fact that it was empty was causing me trouble. Is there any difference between the tutorial templates and the ones that ought to have been in the Template folder, but were not?


If the tutorial templates are in fact identical, and okay to use; then I suppose there is no reason to read any further... The below text is just a bit more 'in detail' in case there is something wrong with the "fix".



I needed to create a "context based" design involving a servo that I had acquired a complete assembly for elsewhere. However when I chose add 'new part' to it, I immediately got this notification:


Whether I chose to proceed or not, I got the following error:


...whereas if I chose to cancel (Avbryt), the 'New SolidWorks Document' did in fact pop open afterall... But creating a new part at this moment resulted in a whole range of other problems...


So I read somewhere that I could fix this issue by making sure that the paths to the appropriate templates were correctly defined in 'options>file locations'. I therefor checked the paths for 'document templates'... There were two paths listed, one leading to a 'Tutorial' folder in the 'Program Files' directory, another leading to an actual 'Template' folder in the 'Program Data' directory. Both paths existed (and so presumably valid), but the 'Template' folder was completely empty. I then searched for more .prtdot files to see whether they might be someplace else, but they weren't... So I just copied the tutorial ones over to the 'Template' folder, and that seems to work fine... However are the tutorial templates the same as the ones that were supposed to be (I presume) in the actual 'Template' folder? Or might these templates cause issues for me later?


I have a server licensed student version of the program btw, one with a particularly obscure install procedure, so I don't know anything specific about the build other than that it is v.2013 sp4...