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SolidWorks 2015 crashes when printing

Question asked by Michael Bentfeld on Feb 2, 2015



I have a dozen engineers using SolidWorks 2015 SP 1.1 on ASUS-based custom Windows 7 64-bit workstations.  All of them are encountering issues when trying to print drawings to their networked plotter, an HP DesignJet 500 connected to an HP JetDirect EX Plus network interface.  The interface has its own IP address and each of the engineers has their own connection to the plotter (vs. connecting to the device via a server as with our company's other networked printers).  Any time any of the engineers attempts to plot a drawing, SolidWorks either shows a blank Print Preview screen and then crashes, or will just crash outright without ever showing the Print dialog box.  The problem only seems to occur with this plotter, as they can print to any other printer or to different file formats (PDFs, etc.).  Has anyone else encountered similar issues with SolidWorks 2015 with this or any other plotter?  I've contacted our reseller on this issue, but so far they haven't been able to provide a solution.


Thanks in advance.