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How to create a multi view drawing and a seperate flat pattern drawing within same drawing but different sheet?

Question asked by Lee S. on Jan 31, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2015 by JOHN GEORGE


I have tried to create a standard 3 -view drawing of a sheetmetal part in it's bent state. No problem. How do I create a second sheet (sheet 2) in the same drawing but this time create a flat pattern without disrupting the standard 3 - view I have just created.


I have tried this and what is happening is when I create sheet 2 in the drawing and roll the model tree forward to show the flattened state to create the flattened drawing I then have two flattened drawings instead of a standard 3 - view drawing and a flattened drawing. The views of the 3-view have now changed to a flat state.


I have tried to add a 4th view in the drawing and select "flat pattern" from the orientation > standard views/more views option (also included in this list is dimetric and trimetric) when these options are selected the view changes to dimetric or trimetric but not the flat pattern, it stays bent


Anyone any ideas?