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Licencing, clients cannot obtain licence

Question asked by Joel Cant on May 11, 2007
Latest reply on May 11, 2007 by Joel Cant
I originally had SW 2006 SP3, and received an upgrade to 2007.

We decided to wipe off 2006 completely and start fresh with 2007.But I cannot for the life of me get 2007 to work.

I applied via the portal to get the new license for 2007, which Inow have, and the SW license server is working fine as far as I cansee. (Server Version 14/5.0 (10.8))

I get an error:

Could not obtain a license for solid works

License server does not support this request.

The version of the license server on the client is 15/3.1( I'm not sure why the license utils are differentversions. Is this the problem?

Also, my original license file had:

INCREMENT solidworks SW_D 14.0
INCREMENT swofficepro SW_D 14.0
INCREMENT swofficepremium SW_D 14.0
INCREMENT pdmworks_sa SW_D 14.0
INCREMENT dwgeditor SW_D 14.0C

But my new one only has the solidworks and dwgeditor lines. Howcomes the pdmworks line has now gone?

Thanks in advance