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    Running at SOLIDWORKS world 2015

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      this will be my first SOLIDWORKS World. I run almost everyday and I'm going to do it in Phoenix as well.

      I've heard that some users organize early morning running sessions. If you have any info on times of these sessions please contact me.

      Or if there's no running group yet why don't we use this thread to organize one ?


      If you're interested in joining a running session at SOLIDWORKS World either reply here, send me a private message, or at tweet @TornincasaNM.



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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Alessandro,


          I'm glad you'll be attending SWW for your first time! Yes, we usually have one or more groups that go out running every year. Joe Lance and I are usually the most faithful, doing it every year and usually every morning while at SWW. I'm staying at the Sheraton and he is at the Renaissance so we will probably pick somewhere neutral from which to run. I've never been to Phoenix, but looking at the map, it looks like we'll be stuck just running on city streets/sidewalks since there doesn't look to be any parks within running distance. We usually go out pretty early to get to breakfast and the general sessions on time, so usually around 6:00 or 6:30 am. Neither Joe and I are up for very long or fast right now due to various reasons. So probably 3-4 miles in the 8:00-9:00 minute/mile range. If you are looking for longer/faster runs, you may be able to hook up with Bill Briggs.


          Where are you staying, what days will you be there, and what kind of distance/pace are you looking for?



          @shamuswilkie (on twitter)

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            Jared Conway

            hi, add me to the list


            8-9 minute pace might be a bit fast for me


            if you guys find good routes, could you post them here?



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                Alessandro Tornincasa

                Hi Jared,

                I'm so glad you'll take part in the running sessions. As Jim mentioned before, there are no Parks near Phoenix Convention Center.

                This means it will be urban scenario. I will see of there are some interesting buildings or monuments. We can make a sort of "tourist" running. I suggest installing Fieldtrip app by Google on your smartphone, it will pop up a warning once there something interesting near you and give you all explanations about it.


                See you on sunday morning.



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                Bill Briggs

                Sunday morning 7am

                • 15 minute warm up from Sheraton ending at the track off E Polk St a few blocks to the east of the hotel
                • 6 x 800 meters @ 2:42 with 90 seconds rest intervals (you can do your own pace/distance)
                • 10 minute  cool down back to Sheraton

                Tuesday morning 5:30am

                • Starting at the Sheraton
                • 1 mile easy
                • 6 miles at 6:43 min/mile
                • 1 mile easy
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                  Bill Briggs

                  I highly recommend hiking up Camelback Mountain. The view is amazing and the sunset was fantastic.


                  Cholla trail is mostly a switchback for the first mile and then more climbing over rocks. Not dangerous but you need to use caution.


                  Echo Canyon Trail is mostly climbing over rocks again cautiously.


                  Plan on as much time going down as going up.

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                    Bill Briggs

                    The Sheraton has a playing card sized map with a 1, 3 and 5 mile loop.  It basically goes north and west.


                    North on 2nd st, Left on Roosevelt and right on 3rd Ave.Turn around at Lynwood St and that is 3 miles.


                    North on 2nd st, Left on Roosevelt and right on 3rd Ave and left on Encanto, then left on 15th left and left again on palm lane. Left on 9th and right on Monte Vista and right on 5th ave back to Roosevelt then left on Roosevelt and right on 2nd st.


                    The track off of Polk and 7th is closed to the public.  A quick note, be careful if your not used to running on concrete.  I am not, I always run on asphalt and these concrete sidewalks are hard on my shins.


                    I suggest running with a friend, the area seems okay and you would likely be fine but I have seen a few things that make me question running alone so why chance it and of course its surely much better if you are running in the daylight at 7am instead of in the dark at 6am.