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    Interfering Parts in Assembly

    Xavier Wong

      I'm trying to make a wing structure, created the ribs and the spars, mated them all together to get an entire internal structure of the wing. I'm trying to do some flow and bending analysis, so I added the wing sheets, made it by using the thin extrude function of the airfoil shape of thickness 0.2mm. However, when I tried to run any simulation, it keeps giving me errors about parts interfering, which is due to the ribs and the sheets. Visually, I realized there are some parts on the sheets that's protruding out between the sheets. However, both initial curves were the same, and I made sure the thin extrude was done outwards. Which means to say, the inner curve of the sheets is supposed to sit nicely on the shape of the ribs.  Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks in advanced

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          Deepak Gupta

          Use Interference Detection tool in assembly to find where is the real issue.

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            Thomas Voetmann

            Chances are, that the two curves are not as identical as you might think. It is difficult to see on the jpg, but it seems to be two slightly different sketch curves in the middle. I would start to analyze the curves - perhaps by constrain a point to one curve at a critical spot and then measure distance to the other curve.

            Also you use equations. They might not calculate the same result even when looking identical. At least not to the last - invissible - digit. Computers does make calculation errors. Just try the calculator, type "4" - Square root - minus - 2.

            Have you tried to use "convert identities" to create one of the curves based on the other?

            The visibility of the ribs on your "problem.jpg" might be related to image quality rather than an actual error.



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                Xavier Wong


                Thanks for your reply, and also apologies for the late reply. Placed this project on hold for the time being till now.


                I should probably give more information about my method. This was exactly what I did.

                1) Insert curve based on xyz points, which I got from an airfoil database.

                2) Convert entities of the curve to a sketch, and created an offset (provided when converting entities).

                3) Created the rib by extruding the space between the actual curve and the offset.

                4) Created the cover by thin extruding from the offset, outwards.


                Therefore i'm expecting no interference since both curves are derived exactly similar (from the same file).


                Thanks so much for your time and help.