Francesco Rustichelli

Please remove ALL blocking dialogs during calculations

Discussion created by Francesco Rustichelli on May 11, 2007
Latest reply on May 15, 2007 by genexxer genexxer
It is hard to launch a calculation without staying at the computerduring all the process, because Cosmos is often showing blockingdialogs that need to be answered (clicked on) to move further thecalculation.
This is really annoying in design scenario, optimizations,non-linear and Task Scheduler batch calculations, and so on.

I must admit things are better in 2007 than a few releases ago, butthe main trouble is still there.

would like Cosmos and SWX had:
- an option to turn off every warning
- options to set a default answer to any possible questions.
- a convenient LOG file to keep all these eventsregistered.

I have just sent an ER for this.
To everyone interested in the subject: "Please, add yourenhancement request!"