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    Mark  Jones
      Currently we have 6 users using Solid Works and we are copying files from the server to the local hard drive and modifying them and then copying them back to the server location once finished as our assemblies are very large (~400+ parts).

      The current server only has a 100Mb/s connection and a ATA drive but we are looking into getting a new server with SCSI drives and RAID with a Gigabit connection (all CAD pc's have a Gigabit connection also), will running Solid Works files via this network server with this configuration get near the performance of copying the files locally and modifying them there?

      Are there any other suggestions as we are finding using the files locally we are getting mulitple people using the same files, and increasing the risk of wiping, or changing files.

      I know PDM systems is another option, but wanted to know if their were any alternatives
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          Kevin Carpenter
          You will never be able to achieve the same performance across your network as you do locally. It might be close enough to be acceptable but it will never be as fast. As for your new server, it sounds like a very good step up for a file server. But keep in mind if your network switch/router is only 10/100 having gigabit cards at either end will not help. You're bottleneck will now be the switch/router.

          As for people pulling the same files and working on them, you need to have some process in place that would stop that. Obviously PDM would be the ideal solution but as far as alternatives go there are numerous ones. This particular topic has been covered several times on Eng-Tips.com. You might want to pop on over there and do a search for some answers. In the end you'll have to come up with something that work for you and your users.