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    Alternatives to PDM Works?

    Mark  Jones
      We're looking at using a PDM system for our rapidly expanding engineering team.Is there a good alternative to PDM Works. We have several engineers who are apposed to using it, as they have had bad experences in the past. We're in New Zealand, so technical support is a real consideration in case something goes wrong. Is there anyone'Down under' who has any other options.
      Mark J
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          Designer Designer
          Hi Mark.....

          I think you must put your email address to this forum, I am sure there will be any guys that can help you "directly".

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            Andrew Hallas
            Hi Mark,

            We run a PDM system called Synergis Adept. We have been running Adept for just under 2 years and are very happy with it. Adept supports both SolidWorks and AutoCAD documents and is a SolidWorks Gold Partner.

            Adept's manufacturer is based in America and all support is handled directly by Synergis which I have found to be a good thing as you are dealing with the actual software developer.

            Being based in Melbourne, Australia we had reservations about how Synergis would support us but have found their support services to be excellent and have spoken with them over the phone, email and held webex conference calls whenever we have required support.

            Synergis Adept's web site is www.synergis-adept.com

            I hope that this information is helpful.
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              Rich Trnka
              we used DBworks with no problems; This is a good option if you want
              a system that you can support and fix yourself. Mechworks is based
              in Italy with resellers all over the U.S. We have been able to get
              support through both channels and much faster than most other
              software programs
              • Alternatives to PDM Works?
                Markku Lehtola
                How about PDMWorks Enterprise (formerly Conisio), it's whole different product.