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    EPDM Dispatch -  State Change conditions - referenced drawing

    Micah Haines

      How do I make a .slddrw file follow the state change of its referenced .sldprt within dispatch?


      I am running a dispatch action that cancels a state change unless certain properties are filled in for a file.  This works great for .sldprt part files.  The .slddrw files do not have the properties and pass right through.  I would like the .slddrw file to tag along with the .sldprt file.  If the .sldprt file doesn't pass the state change condition then the associated .sddrw file(s) won't pass either.  If the .sdprt file does pass so does the .slddrw file(s).


      Below is screen shot of the dispatch command. (The OK MessageBox were for test purposes only except the last one.)

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          Brian McEwen

          Hmm. Do you change state on the drawing and models separately? If you do them together then doesn't your script cancel the change state action on every selected file (if it finds one wrong), so no files are transitioned in that attempt?


          It looks like you are looking for a "-" in certain fields.  You can put the dash into .slddrw data cards by default, I assume the same way you do with models.


          If you are not populating drawing data cards currently then you can start. If your custom properties are all model based - you can pass those to the drawing, and from there to the drawing card. The drawing card will be updated every time the file is saved in SolidWorks. This prevents having to enter the info twice. If you don't want to show these variables on the drawing or on the drawing data card then you don't have to, but they could still be there.