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    Opening PDFs in Outlook 2013 gives EPDM error

    Tim Mrazek

      The error is 'No database is connected to this view'. It happens when a PDF is double clicked in outlook. All other ways of accessing any pdf are fine. This is happening on two PCs at this time out of 30+ users of EPDM. Other users are on Office 2013 as well with no issues.


      EPDM 2014 SP5

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          Daniel Haines

          Hello Tim,


          I believe this is due to a security option in the PDF application.  In our case, we use Adobe PDF reader, so under preferences>security (enhanced) menu, we unselected the tick box for 'Enable Protected Mode at Startup'   this stopped the error of "no database connected to this view".    We believe this option is ticked by default in one of the many recent Adobe updates.