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    Pin Connecter Results

    Kinjan Patel

      I have experience problems with viewing pin connecter results. I have a set of about 25 pin connecters (virtual), solidworksdisplays the shear force, bending moment etc.  Howeversometimes when I open the Pin result option it only displays 5-8 ofthe 25 pin results.  Has anyone else out there experiencesimilar problems?  What is the solution?

      Thanks a bunch
        • Pin Connecter Results
          Vince Adams
          Have you contacted tech support on this? What version / SP are you using?
          I've never seen this so it might be model specific. I'd suggest you work with your reseller tech support to document this a little better.

          Feel free to copy me directly on the correspondence or ask your AE to keep me in the loop.