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Equations, Global Variables, Automatic Geometry Update

Question asked by Krisztian Bimbo on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Krisztian Bimbo

Hi All,


Any feedback would be much appreciated on the following:

I try to drive simple geometry and "distance" mates with equations but the geometry only updates upon pressing the update button.


Does SW not update automatically?

I thought initially that it might be an optional tick box somewhere in the maze of SW options but couldn't find such thing... also other old threads on the forum suggest that I am not the only one getting hooked upon this problem.


I am relatively new to SW, developing a "configurator"

Basically I developed a fully working Engineer to Order parametric configurator in Inventor (spreadsheet an iLogic driven) and now I have to reproduce it in SW because our company wants to change the CAD platform to SW.


I realize that different methods might be rewarding in different CAD software hence I am trying to approach SW with an opened mind.

But this one seems to be a big blow..