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3D Printers

Question asked by Stephen Copeland on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Mark Sherman

I hope someone can give me a little guidance.


I'm trying to get a 3D printer and the one im looking at is the CubePro range from 3DSystems. IT seems pretty good but it might have issues with fonts using PLA. Can someone tell me what the difference between the materials of PLA, ABS and Nylon and which may print better or worse. 3D systems say they will have Nylon out this year. I'm looking at building parts for the ROV / kids industry or basically anything, but im not too sure on the pros and cons of the materials.


I also know that their is a print to 3D on SOLIDWORKS, does anyone know if this is an addin to alter the STL file for a stable print?


Any help appreciated.