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Modify dimensions in motion analysis

Question asked by Thomas Walkemeyer on Jan 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by Jared Conway



I am trying to simulate the lifting of components using chainblocks, etc. I don't need to model the chains themselves but need to include gravity effects on the component being lifted. The simplest method I've tried is using Distance mates between points to represent the chains (which doesn't allow slack) and modifying the values in the motion study.


This method works for changing the dimensions in an Animation which does not model gravity. The dimensions do not update when I run Basic Motion or Motion Analysis.

Using Basic Motion, the dimensions will update only when a mate is suppressed and unsuppressed, which is not ideal and results in jerky motion, and should not be necessary. Motion analysis will not update the dimensions under any conditions. A solution in Motion Analysis would be preferable as I have also been using dampers to reduce the swinging in the simulation (an alternative which works in Basic Motion would be welcome)


I have also tried using combinations of LimitDistance mates and linear motors but have not found anything that works well.


I'm currently working with just a basic block with 4 "chains" attached to a ceiling to try and get the concept working before applying it to other models, files attached.