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    flow simulation mesh

    Abdallah Osama Elabd

      Can I increase number of cells more than 1000 in the plane ?

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          Jared Conway

          are you getting an error?


          how big is your model?


          I believe there is a max number of cells for the basic mesh but then could use refinement.


          is there a reason you need more?

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            AJAY SELVAM

            Hi Abdallah,


            I believe it shows error if you try to increase cells apart from (0 - 1000)... In Flow, advanced Mesh Technique Adaptive (global scale 6 - 8) itself will use far less than 1000 cells in each of X, Y & Z..... And I practically don't see any necessity to use such huge cells unless you are using super computers to solve the problem else would run for ages to solve in workstations... !!!

            Use Initial mesh....

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                Abdallah Osama Elabd

                Well my model isn't big at all i am simulating a couette flow and the thickness of the fluid is so small that when I use automatic mesh of 8 the cells are too big for this small thickness and I get wrong solution I tried to use manual but I see I can control only the number of cells so I use maximum number of 1000 the solution near the exact solution now but there still an enough error to increase number of cells again or if you can help me controlling the size of theses boxes in mesh I will be very thankful cuz I tried all I can.
                is there any way to increase number of theses cells ( i need as much as possible between these two parallel plates shown in picture) rather than increasing number of cells in the plane ? (note this is taken picture when i used 1000 cells inside the plane)