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DXF PDF Macro help

Question asked by Tyler Holden on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2015 by Tyler Holden

Greetings!  I saw you developed the PDF DXF Macro (Macro to export drawings to PDF and DXF (SW 2014) but including the revision?))


I was hoping you could help me with something regarding this macro.


When i export using the macro, the revision followed by the description is placed onto the file that is exported.  Im trying to get it to have the PART# followed by the revision.


So it would go (example) 100359 REV A


I would also like to have the macro export the files and place them in a folder that i specify, i didnt see that functionality anywhere.



What do i need to do to edit the macro to achieve these results?  If you could edit the macro and send it to me that would be greatly appreciated! or if you could show me exactly what should be done to the macro that would work too.


Thanks much!



Tyler Holden


Quad-M Inc.