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how to align arrow to actor

Question asked by Andrew Taylor on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Derek Parks

Every Composer demo I've ever seen shows the user quickly and easily adding a red arrow to the project, aligning it with the associated actor's axis of movement, and then rotating the whole model around to show how the arrow remains aligned with the actor regardless of the viewer's perspective.


How is that done? When I click Author>Arrow and try to use the tool, the interface doesn't snap to any geometry, and regardless of how carefully I try to manually align the arrow with the actor, rotating the model results in an arrow that invariably points off into space at some weird angle (i.e. instead of indicating a bolt that comes straight out, it points down at a 45-degree angle or whatever).


I'm sure I'm just missing something simple, but an hour or two of messing with it hasn't brought me any closer to a solution.