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Buying a new laptop for Simulation

Question asked by Chris Ross on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by Brian Titus

I'm ready to buy a new laptop to replace my Dell M6400 Covet.  I'm a contract engineer and have to travel frequently on planes so a lugable workstation isn't an options.  I do everything from small simple models and drawings, to large 500 part assemblies, as well as running stress analysis using shell models, but occasionally solid elements.  I'm looking at the Dell M6800 with the i7-4940MX processor, 32 GB ram, and the K5100M graphics card.  Where I'm getting hung up is the hard drives.  Standard hard drive is a 500GB 7200 rpm drive.  They also have a 1TB traditional hard drive, but it is only 5400 rpm.  I have a 480 GB SSD drive in my workstation at home and love it, but the costs Dell is listing for the SSD upgrades seem rather steep.  $750 to get a 512 GB SSD and $1050 for the 1 TB SSD.  Does this seem out of line?  I've always built my home computers, so am I crazy to think about buying a new laptop with the cheap hard drive in it and then replacing the hard drive as soon as I get it with a good quality SSD drive from Newegg or similar vendor?