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    Crashing when Printing

    Colleen Christie

      I have been having an issue for the past several weeks where SW is crashing when I select a different printer to print a drawing on.


      I print on a large plotter for prduction drawings, but for office use I usually print on letter size, so I select a smaller printer rather than the big plotter.  When I choose my alternate printer, select Page setup, scale to fit, then ok to print.  I crash.


      It seems to have started doing this around the time that I updated my  graphics card driver to the SW approved driver.  The issue seems to be progressively getting worse.  At first SW would crash, but it would "remember" that I selected a different printer, so that when I restarted I would be able to print.  Then it would remember the printer but would only be able to print all sheets of the drawing (it would crash on selecting current sheet, or a selection of sheets).  Now it crashes all the time.  I have been reduced to taking a screen shot of the current sheet I want and using a different program to print on letter size.  We are a pretty small company so we don't have a subscription service so unfortunately our VAR isn't an option.


      Any help is much appreciated!