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Smart dimension preview not showing

Question asked by Magnus RM on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Ned Hutchinson


I cannot add smart dimensions to my sketch anymore.

This happened today, and I have never had anything like it before.


When im sketching I want to use "Smart dimension" (pic 1).  After I press the two points I want to dimension, properties pops up (pic 2.) This typically is something i will expect happening if I press control when selecting the second point. I can not select which axis the dimension will constrain, and when i click the mouse button, the dimension on pic 3 pops up. I can add the right dimension by selecting "vertical dimension", but its lame to not be able to use the smart dimension tool.


It does make dimensions, but it doesnt preview position so when I click the LMB it just adds the "most likely" dimension. For instance if it is a circle, it adds the diameter.

Since it doesnt show preview of the dimension its not "smart" anymore.


I recently updated to SP5 in SW 2014, but this happened a couple of weeks after the update.