Jamil Snead

Cut Extrude with blind depth goes thru all, and other strange behavior

Discussion created by Jamil Snead on Jan 27, 2015

Hey all, here's a weird one for you. I was editing a part that someone else created and I changed the profile sketch for a cut extrude. The cut depth was set to .500" but after I changed the sketch and exited now the cut is shown thru all. If I edit the feature and change the depth to other blind depths nothing changes. What's also weird is that some of the other deptch options are missing, such as 'up to surface' or 'up to vertex'. Also, if I change the depth to 'Through all' and exit, if I go back 'blind' is no longer an option. I've never seen anything like this, have you?



It turns out that I was able to fix the problem by redrawing the profile. But I just thought I'd share this weird behavior.