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Holes not showing up and updating files

Question asked by Elise Moss on Jan 27, 2015

I have two issues in CircuitWorks.  I have plated and non-plated holes in my pca.  I select the features when exporting over to CircuitWorks, but CircuitWorks is ignoring those features - regardless of whether they are holes or extruded cuts.


1)  So, how do I get CircuitWorks to see my holes?


Secondly, when I update my PCA model I want to re-import/update in CircuitWorks, but even if I do a rename CircuitWorks seems stuck on my old model.  So, if I relocate holes, etc. it doesn't show up.  I tried shutting down SolidWorks, but CircuitWorks seems enamored of the original import and doesn't want to leave it..


2)  How do you update or redefine a CircuitWorks import?